Global Business Tech Awards

This week, winners of Global Business Tech Awards have been announced, in which I have had the fortunate opportunity to co-participate as a judge. I delve into these realms because you meet interesting people and projects, learn different approaches to problem-solving, and gain insights and ideas from other cultures, innovative solutions, as well as modes of assessment and evaluation.

This year, I have personally witnessed projects from various sectors that caught my attention. Here are some of the ones that stood out:
– HealthTech (The Joy Club):
– Autonomous and Electric Driving Automation (Octopus):
– Property Tech (Plentific):
– Fintech (The ClearScore Group):
– Manufacturing Tech Disruptor (Smartech Manufacturing Tech).
– Edtech (Immersify Education):
– SAAS (Shoplazza and its founder):
– Cyber Security (Performanta):
– Best Use Of Data (Fifty & AKA US): Harry Potter & The Cursed Child NYC Relaunch.

And lastly, two projects with significant social impact that I loved:
– Best use of Innovation (Nobi – AI Powered Lamp):
– Tech for Good Award (XRAI Glass – Life. Subtitled):

You can find more information about winners at

I would like to express my gratitude to Don’t Panic Events for inviting me. Congratulations to winners and all the participants for driving this initiative forward.

Recomendaciones de ocio sobre IA / AI.

Ríos de tinta corren sobre IA en estos tiempos. Si os interesa el tema, 4 recomendaciones de ocio:
– La serie DEVS, de HBO.
– El libro “Máquinas Como Yo” de Ian McEwan.
– Una visita al pabellón de robots de la Cité des sciences et de l’industrie de París.
… y la canción “Contrapunto para Humano y Computadora” del Cuarteto de NOS.

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